Space4Art and Sandbox Venue


Springfest joins forces with San Diego-based performing artists for an evening of music, dance, theater and socializing. Ongoing performances will occur throughout Space 4 Art’s live/work and gallery spaces, as well as on the property outdoors, while interdisciplinary, collaborative pieces are presented in the SandBox Venue next door. 


Justin Morrison
Melissa Cisneros
Anya Cloud
Molly Gabbard
Katy Gilmore
Anthony Vine
John Dombroski
Anna Massey
Mala Forma
Leslie Seiters
Aubrhe Yruretagoyena
Nick Lesley
Barbara Byers

Ariadna Saenz
Lydia Winsor Brindamour
Justin Beets
Peter Sloan, Juliana Gaona Villamizar, Juan David Rubio, Ilana Waniuk
David Aguila
Celeste Oram
Ryan Nestor
Michael Matsuno
Kevin Schwenkler and Pablo Dodero
Paul Roth and Francisco Eme
John Burnett
Jasper Wald Sussman, Lil Lacy, Alexandria Smith
Jacob Sundstrom
Anqi Liu and Kyle Motl
Todd Moellenberg
Tiange Zhou
James Beauton
Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
Aurora Lagattuta
113 Composers
Duo Gelland, Nina Dante, Jeffery Kyle Hutchins, Maria Ritzenthaler
Derek Weiler
Kelsey Treviño