Warren Lecture Hall 2146, on the campus of UC San Diego

Hermetic Art Party—a multidisciplinary performance collective featuring Anthony Vine, Madison Greenstone, and Katy Gilmore—will present a four day art and brend party from April 8th - 11th. The party will take place in the confines of room 2146 in Warren Lecture Hall, and function as a reclusive hideaway running parallel to the the rest of Springfest.


Each day will feature an installation in the afternoon, followed by a performance in the evening. A journal of prose, interviews, and poetry written and compiled by the participating artists will be available free of charge while supplies last.

April 8


Installation: 12-4pm

     Katy Gilmore


Concert: 6:00

     Zach Bushnell

     Natacha Diels


April 9


Installation: 12-4pm

     Eliane Radigue: Transamorem Transmortem


Concert: 6:00

     Anthony Vine (solo guitar)

     Daniel Meyer O'Keefe and Ben Rempel


April 10


Installation: 12-4pm
     Celeste Oram

     Madison Greenstone


Concert: 6:00

     Hermetic Art Party: Katy Gilmore (projections), Madison Greenstone (sound), Anthony Vine




April 11

Installation: 12-4pm

     Erik Carlson


Concert: 6:00

     John Dombroski

     Chromatic Heartbreaker

Springfest is sponsored by UC San Diego’s Division of Arts and Humanities, Department of Music and Graduate Student Association.