throughout the Conrad Prebys Music Center building


BlueRail is a two hour-long, multidisciplinary, international, site-specific and improvised performance that moves through and around the halls, patio, stairs and secret little corners of the CPMC building. Like runners passing the baton in a relay race, these artists tag each other in and out of ensembles that will grow and change through parts of the building that we've chosen for the special ways in which they invite new social, convivial and communal dynamics. We invite the audience to take over the music building with us!

The title "BlueRail" honors the dynamics of circulation that have shaped peoples' lives in the region. Like the trolleys that change direction at the border, BlueRail explores improvised ways of listening and sound that push and pull in many directions at once.

Over 40 extraordinary musicians, dancers and visual artists from UCSD, San Diego, and Baja California will create BlueRail's audio-visual world.


We hope you will join us for this moving concert that fosters community in a fun and innovative way! Food and drinks will be provided.


All areas of the building are accessible.